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Ok, I guess you'd like to know something about me I am a 24 year old college student in Tahlequah,
Oklahoma.  My hobbies include:  computers, bass
guitar, AD&D, fishing, swimming, biking, and working (pretty sad when work is one of your hobbies, huh?).  I am origionally from Tulsa, but relocated to Tahlequah for school.
I am engaged to the sweetest, most wonderful girl in the world!  How I conned her into wanting to marry me, I don't know *lol*  But hey, I'm not complaining. :)
I work for the Oklahoma Center for Study of Literacy at Northeastern State University.  There I am a computer lab assistant/tutor.  I have a second job at a university computer lab.  I am also a volunteer math tutor.
I am a Mathematics major at Northeastern State University. I will soon be a math teacher, so fear me! *evil grin*  Just kidding.  I don't bite. :)