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I brought my love
in cotton and silks
its face and hands
clean as an innocent.
I cupped my hands
for love to drink from,
filled with the sweet
of joy with fear.
I bared the red,
soft center
where my heart had been
to nourish my beloved
and turn the hunger inside
into a field
of full harvest.

My love was tumbled to the ground
doused with the salt from my own eyes
then tossed aside in a careless gesture.

He who cannot accept a gift of love
does not deserve it.

                        --Darylle Douvall

      For we are, each of us, a collection    of memories.  Our personalities are the    collective results of everything that has happened to us.  It is at the end of the  day we look back upon the days and years through the looking glass of            memory.  And when we are gone, we      become a part of the memories and      personalities of others.

                                            -- author unkown

A butterfly whispers
in a flower garden of peace
out on a dream of silent wings
born of song;
sweetness of meadowlarks.
I walk, sharing the cool
spring morning.
Light bouncing pink in the trees.

  ~SRM School first grade class



Spiders have been explained away
in imbecilic texts
by exasperating simplifiers
who take the fly's point of view,
who describe them as voracious,
carnal, unfaithful, lascivious.
For me, that reputation
reflects upon those who bestow it.
The spider is an engineer,
a divine wiatchmaker.
For one fly more or less
the foolish can detest them;
I wish to speak with spiders.
I want them to weave me a star.

                  ~Pablo Neruda

words on a screen
faces unseen
times passes slowly
for those who are holy
who won't take part
in the breaking of hearts
love do they seek
being timid and weak
they hide from the crowd
ruckus and loud
wanting only to be
loved for ME.
            --written by Jessie S.


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